Thursday, August 7, 2008

Workshop Rosa Verhoeve

Date : August 5th-9th, 2008.

Photography is all about passion that was exactly passing through your mind. When you photograph something, there’s got to be something on it. For the example, I have my own perspective describing what is it world look like. Then when I see the world has turning upside down, all I want to show in my photograpph is telling you people that it just ain’t right. Seeing what a world like which made other people feel persuaded is good thing in photography.

And being on this superCOOL workshop made me realize, that my photograph shouldn’t be JUST another photograph. I have my own quality and also the others. There’s no judgement for an artwork. Simply, all you have to do when you see other’s work is to enjoy their works as you enjoy yours. And try to put the others perspectives when it feels hard for you to find the meaning of their artwork. Yeah, I think its kinda work. I also learned how to make a meaningful process behind my work. By setting up my mainframe into a project that I will make, to prevent any distractful of my main subject. Stay focus is the keywords.

But unfortunately, I’m trapped on my own choice. My subject is Social injustice. And I have picked one huge little creepy place, called the ZOO. The first thing came out in my mind is the condition of the animal itself that was looked miserable. The environment was also not so good. Ya, that was my first thought. But then, when I tried to collaborate it with my main subject, fiuh! It was terribly confusing.

On my first day, I’ve captured things here and there(at the zoo), and all I’ve got is a really-really-really distractful frame. I feel like I’m not following my subject, I’m just following my senses. And it was totally wrong! Hihi. Rosa said to me not to put any smile faces, or happy faces on my frame cause it can totally ruining my subject. I had a big contradiction in my head. I love smiley face TOO much. When I see people smile, it feels like I don’t want to miss any moment of them. But, remember, all I want to show to people is there’s something wrong at that zoo that people never have realize before in their life. It’s about how people enjoying watch those animal, in the other side, those animals feel so miserable. They don’t have any freedom like we had. We keep laughing at those animals without knowing how is exactly they feel about living in the cage.

Today is my second day, it’s quite interesting day because when I stepped in, the first thing I do was put a huge tagline on my head, it’s said, “dhea, look for the darkside of the zoo” hahahaha, hell it works.. I feel like I’m getting closer with my subject. Overall frame almost showed the real darkside of the zoo. *later on I’ll show you all of the pictures when its already wrapped on my first magazine.. hihi. Rosa and Henri *as the editor of the magazine* are also like my works today. And I’m so glad.

Tomorrow and the next day, will be my last day of searching the darkside of the zoo. I think I’m gonna miss my friends there. I really want to set them free. Together with me. And I will enjoy my last days AS a journalist there. Maybe I will visit my new friends again someday..

“Hippo, I always pray for you to get well soon. Please don’t show those pathetic eyes to me. Come on.. you’re too cute to be seen like that..”
“Siamang, don’t mad at me for not giving you any nuts, cause I forgot to bring ‘em to you.. :D but thanks anyway for the poses, I love your pose..”
*And so on and so on..*

I hope I can make it until the last day. Yey yey yey!
Thank you for reading my story.
Lets go to the zoo, guys!

Cheers for animals on the cage,


PS: I’m not crazy, I’m just a little bit unwell.


Anonymous said...

jgn sebut2 amang..
ntar bang ConRes itu berasa,

secuil kue lapis itu,
emang aga2 rancu sih..
kamu bikin kisah jgn ambigu ath..
ntar ada yg slh kaprah,
berabe urusannya..

dheaditya's said...

salah kaprah?
seperti roti tangkap?

kalo ada yang salah kaprah ya,mbok,langsung tanya aja,toh..

don't make it hard.

Nana said...


Rosa is the best!
She made me become Something from Nothing.

hebat ya dia dhe..