Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Been busy

In recent days, I feel like I’m standing on the top of sickening timeline of life. It makes me want to get away of this situation sooner or later. Most of the time, I spent my days with kind of lament words which has made me approximately feeling down deeply. Days full of regrets, which so far ways like I used to be. Is it sense that I hate myself today?

I always consider myself as a grown up girl, who always trying to acclimatize herself in a way and decipher her own problem pleasingly. But look at me now; it reflects the opposite way, huh? Where is the girl who has grown up like she said before? Being matured it’s not just about the time, but somehow it’s all about choice. Now I have days with a lot of activities, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it was totally arduous for me. I have to prove myself that I can stand firm on my own choice. Why I’d have to be so wallowing like this?

It’s a pity, that I almost giving up my faith in me. Here are my tribulations: My job seems far away from works, a lot of assignment come up to me and none of them have been finished; my photograph works has no sign of getting improved just because I have no time to make it happen. I repeat the one and only reason that I had is HAVING NO TIME. Where have you been, girl? What you’ve been done lately that keep you saying you don’t have time to finish all of your works and being such a pity to say that you have lost your faith toward yourself?

Hei, what’s wrong with you, big girl? Too much thinking about something that actually never existed, don’t you? Wake up! A lot of things to do, of course in a REAL life, just make up your day orderly. And come back to reality, with the aim of make it real, you have to do something real. Do not just sitting up here, with a cup of hot chocolate, watching the world of cavity and also finding your books in facts never been refined being read.

(No)Cheers for today,



PS: I’m sorry for all readers, for using sort of high tendency words, I’m just mad about myself today. Hope for a better tomorrow. :D


Anonymous said...


polbisint + pln + hukinter + polgas + polinter = mabok tugas!!


dheaditya's said...

mabok cinta ah maunya saya mah, man..

rinarina said...

sabar bu...

rinarina said...

sabar bu dhea... ^_^

Nana said...

mau mabok cinta sama siapa dheee??
sama ka deden ajaa..

dheaditya's said...

ka deden?

mentornya deshia tuhh.. mwahahahha!