Sunday, November 16, 2008

i'm (not)afraid anymore!

Today, me and my friends went to the national research forest Djuanda. Then I find it quite a nice place for all of us catch fresh air in the middle of sickening municipality which has full with dust and so forth, and this place also have a really nice scene to take a picture with. I brought my camera, nyonyos, with me but unluckily I’m not having that “feeling” to take any picture of those beautiful atmospheres. We also preserve to enter the darkest historical cave called ‘goa jepang’ and ‘goa belanda’. I never been there before, so I was excited to try even though I really hate being in the dark since the first time that I was born *hyper me! But not today, I am bravely-confidently-surely with all my heart, entering all of those ‘goa’ with my entire companion; fazryan, bagja, sarah, adhi, azel and of course other POTRET friends that I couldn’t mention all of it one by one.

I almost could not see anything in there; I was scared to death of being in such ambiance. Proudly to say that I wasn’t crying for the first time in my life because I have junior with me and feeling shameful if I were cry in front of her. But still, I was not feeling comfortable so I decided to close my eyes because it’d take the same if I were open my eyes though. I never thought that I could do this unusual thing EVER in my life.

All I want to say to you is that I’m not afraid anymore. And why is that happen? Because I’ve got friends with me that make me feel less likely I’ve enough fearless spirit to face my most trepidation in my life. Well, of course it would be different if I have to face it all alone. Noooo! I’d better jump off the hill and screaming out loud so that the big bird could grab me and saving my life, than to walk alone in such place and finding the fact that no one will listen to me. *naudzubillahi min dzalik.

Well if you haven’t been there, you should go there sooner or later before you feel sorry that the forest will not exist anymore in the future. Here are my tips: bring more and more food and friends, and have some nice picnic in there. And don’t forget to bring lighter with you just to avoid the chase of bad tenant that will ask for your money to rent the lighter when you enter the cave.

Today was quite fun. Though it’s rainy all day and I have my damn old pal, vertigo, adjacent in my head. Damn you, vertigo!

Cheers for today,



rinarina said...

jadi lo kesana ga foto2 dhe? kalo foto2, dipajang lah di DA.. :P

Nana said...

katanya ga takuut, tapi ko udah diiming2i es krim sama aku ama bugs, ko ga mau masuk lagi?
oh, disuruhnya sendirian ya? jadi ga berani?
dheaaa dhea..

tp aku juga takut sih..
tp bedanya ama kamu, aku mah ga merem...

dheaditya's said...

DA aku udah berkarat kali ya..
lama kali tak aku buka,,


*tapi iya sih.. klo ada kalian aku gak takut. mwahahahhahaha!

Anonymous said...

tapi yang pasti 1 langkah melawan ketakutanmu dhe,,

gmana kabarnya si mbak verti?
Masi mampir padamu kah?

dheaditya's said...

verti kelaminnya cowok,lip..

dia masi mau nginep katanya di kepala aku, blom dpt tempat yang pas.. hhiw!