Thursday, November 27, 2008

the one

Loving you.

I am sorry for being such a bug in your head.

Sorry for taking things over convoluted ‘til make you hard enough to breath.

I love you. I always do.

I’m gone by the wind. And you always catch me every time I fly away.

You were right over there watching me grow.

I am now getting bigger and even more-more stubborn in each way you taking me to.

I was totally ignoring your demand, forgetting your advice and refusing my own thought of loving you.

I love you, nothing more that I can say.

I pray for you always. You are my best thing in life.

Tonight, you gave me your best smile ever.

Please, stay besides me always.

At least until I’m ready to say…

That I always care about you.

And always want to be with you today, tomorrow, and forever more.


Missing you.

I miss you.

I miss your smile.

You kept flowering up my heart every time I saw you laugh.

When will you come again?

When we’ll be together?

Do you miss me? Because I find it so hard to even resist my tears from falling out, just because I cannot see you in a moment I wanted to be.

I always keep you in my mind and my heart.

Why don’t you give me a chance to give you my last words?

Or even a chance to hear your last one?

I miss you like I thought I’d never be.

Could you please come into my deep darkest night?

And give me your precious smile that I always missed.

I’m begging you now. I’m no regretting this now. I’m just...

Missing you, missing you much!


I love you, you love me.

We are happy family!”-barley and friends

Cheers for you the one that I love and I miss,



si said...

aduh dhe ..
romantis sekaliii .

Astri Lestari said...

siapasiapasiapa itu dhejihh
critakan pdakuw scepatnyaaa


dheaditya's said...

siapa yaa??