Thursday, November 20, 2008

world of mine

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life“-Confucius

I am not a type of girl who has an obsession about something. But still, I am now incessantly searching for it while I was passing through my days with sort of lackluster activities. I have two contradictive sides all over me. Hate it, but I have to admit it. I am no zodiac-maniac, but all I want to say is that Gemini’s characters more or less has improved its words to influence and captivate me subsisting my baffling days positively.

I love being Gemini, I love being me.

But I also have thousands of questions for being me. It is no sort of question about regret but more likely a question about elucidation in life. Sometimes what the world has revealed me was totally different from my own interpretation. Should I say that I have my own world so do the others have their own too? And for that reason I have no business to mind other people’s thought? My next question, what is the world’s concord for? I know I have lack of capability to split and fling away the circles around me. Therefore, I choose to blend myself of being in this circle of life that surrounding me.

Honestly, I’m sick of it.

Take something, leave something.

Win a game, lose a game.

Come and go.

Why the world has to be turning like this over and over? Why should I love my situation whether if at this time still I don’t know things that I like and I love?

God, please guide me when I’m wrong. Snap me when I’m lost. I am now having no preference to love this world like other people do. This world has enlightened me a lot of things and I have my own way to express my worship to this world.

What was yesterday? What is now? What will be tomorrow?

Surprises me!




rinarina said...

Gemini ya dhe? mood swing nya exteremely unpredictable. tapi, seiring waktu kita akan tahu apa yang bikin kita senang, sedih, dan macam2nya itu. intinya sih, live your life to the fullest. let your life bring its own surprises with you walking your path with confidence and positivity. cheers!