Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You Make my day!

You are now about...

Not too young, not too old.

Not a girl, not yet a woman.

(Aaron carter featuring Britney spears)

Mwahahahah. That sort of phrase keep bothering me a lot since I had a conversation with my old friend*I mean he’s really-really having an after-age as of me physically*. We’re discussed about one main issue that is circling around us. And all we got there is another fine debate, using any kind of low-tendency-words but in a way touches each other heart deeply*yaa, just like another Javanese people, laa.

Well, he watched me grow. I used to be*or am* a girl who has a thing in my head just stuck around ice cream or lollipops, beartje, fun island and so forth., which are still spinning around in my head until now and forever more. In time to time, he realized that I’ve changed a lot into a pre-woman in life that proficient to solve other’s problem in a way to face her social life. And he said that was great.

But then the war has just begun.

He criticized me a lot. And we kept arguing each other about four hour at the coffee shop that day, because what he had criticized was about my central part principle in order to achieve my reverie. I seize it deeply and feel pleasant to run this thought continuously. He got me wrong, I got him wrong. We’re stuck at a moment. Not for a long time, He was sent apologize to me, and so did I was. He said he just want me to understand the entire thing not just from the surface but also get diving into it. I guess what he said was totally right. Realizing after all I was just a girl who get things over-generally in each line of attack.

Huff. Harsh world, isn’t it? I get drowned into it. Luckily I always got companion with me. Harsh, it’s factual. Fair enough? True as well. I’ve learned a lot of things from other people; hope they’d learned from me too.

Well, sir, you make my day! Thanks a lot!




Nana said...

"....just like another Javanese people, laa.."

ahhahhahahaa, dhea rasis nihhh..

wah, tampaknya partner curhat dhea kali ini bapak2 ya?
tampaknya seru pembicaraannya...

dheaditya's said...

rasis gitu? mwahahahahha..

iya na, curhat sama bapak2 mah gak memakan waktu lama, tapi, tuntas habis hingga ke akar2nya..

maklum, sudah matang daun.
naon sihhh???!!

Anonymous said...

aku juga baru mengalami kejadian yang sama..

Dimana saya masi berpikir secara idealis dan muluk2,
dan orang lain telah berpikir secara realistis akan masa depannya..


tenang,, es krim, permen,, akan selalu menjadi teman kita sampai kita tuapun,

salam permen dan es krim..

cicie olive..