Monday, December 8, 2008

Bored Stiff - every time i die

I was wrong,
close one.

I am wrong.
I said it.
It was wrong, I mean it.
Did it stick?
Come down from there.
I know it's hard to swallow.
When your head is overturned.
Hey there girls, I'm a cunt.
There was venom in the heart of the dagger.
They found a worm in your pearls saying prayers.
All is finally infested, unless we blossomed in the cankerous air.
Then only hell can help us. I got off. Just once, you were right.
I admit it. We weren't soft, just better. Do you flinch?
Keep that radio dry, I'm sorry you were all mine. Let the boys find your body.
Let love gnaw the meat from your bones.
Admit the arrows, suffer the hot flash.
We come together now.
All together now.


cute isn't it?
those lyrics shaped more or less like a Christmas tree. hihi.

here's my another killing time activities. damn i was bored stiff around here.
glad to have you here, accompany me always and singing such weird song 'til make me laugh.
Thank YOU so much! And now you're off for Christmas. Happy holiday dear..