Saturday, December 13, 2008

A letter to mom (the sequel)

Dear mom,

Hey, it’s me your bug in a head. Today is your birthday. And as you see, I couldn’t give you certain things to even make you feel much happier today. Mom, I really-really-really didn’t want to be this bad through all years, but... all I’m asking you now is, forgiveness. Last time I wrote poetry for you, I mean it, for sure. And today, I sing you a song like a silly daughter ever but it seems that you are very likely to see me this mad. And I was soo pleased to find that smiley face circling around yours.

Nothing more that I can say. Mom, I love you. Always do. Hereby, as you are getting usual with cyberspace and so forth, a picture of your generosity and your earnest heart. I may not be the best for you, like you always wanted, but one thing you should know, that you are my best thing in life. Thank you, mom, for everything. And happy birthday!

-ibu-ibu ini aseli cap jogjakarta-

Cheers for mom,



Firsty Relia Renata said...

welll...., sedih gak di sana, apalagi untuk dengeri u nyanyi..... :))

someday we'll be together again.

fotonya gw grab yeeee

dheaditya's said...

hahaha.. bagian aku nyanyi harap di skip saja! :P

miss you, dearest sister!!!

rinarina said...

hoho.. wish your mom and you all the best dhe!