Friday, December 19, 2008

(not) good changing

I have a friend, named again preferable to be censored. She is a smart girl and she’s having a big opportunity to change her world far away like she used to be. I remember, the first time I met her in first semester by accidental. She always said that she was a type of a shy girl. And she always made a double-time speed every time she walk across the square which full of crowd. And she didn’t notice anything that was occurrence around her. Once, I’ve told her not to do such thing anymore and see more pictures of life that surface her.

Day by day she has turned into something that was totally diverse. And I was surprised. I used to know her quite well, but today, I feel like, mmp, she’s getting out of the line. It was better for her, maybe, but, there’s something about her, that make me feel like I do not know her as well as days gone by.

Wise man says that people changed. First it was freaking unusual, but then, it feels much better of course when you take it a right way. My question, are you happy now with such conditions for being centered among the crowd and also being criticized sharper than ever by people around you. Well if you are, please don’t waste your time by wiping tears fall out behind you, just because you can’t take it like you ever imagine before.

Always remember what Uncle Ben have told Peter Parker a.k.a Spiderman that, “With great power comes great responsibility

I miss you, dear friend. Just grow up and get a life!




Ariana Hayyulia Rasyid said...

Biarkan dia menikmati kehidupan barunya..
Dia berubah.. tugas dhea pun berubah..
jangan pernah lupa buat ngingetin dia, kalo dia udah berubah ke arah yang kurang baik..
ahahhaa, aku tau kau pasti akan melakukannya..


Deszya said...

what a thoughtful friend you are, Dear.. :)