Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Magnetic Fields..

Love is like jazz You make it up as you go along

and you act as if you really know the song but you
don't and you never will so you flaunt your
mistakes and you make them until they were you

Love is like jazz the same song a million times in
different ways "Strange Fruit" with and
without wind chimes It's divine It's asinine It's
depressing and it's almost entirely window
dressing but it'll do


it sound like jazz but it's not.
i do love jazz.
its almost the same with my fluctuating heart.
i'm in love.
jazz, i'm in love.
i'm in a tons of love.



Anonymous said...

can't wait 2 see JAVA JAZZ 2009


Salam japa jes...

Deszya said...

kasi2 aku liat foto2nya dong XD