Tuesday, April 14, 2009

blank sheet

What's up with the rain tonight?
Seems like everybody has been enchanted by its cold, its smell. So everybody feeling so blue, so blue til they find it quite nice to have some heavy conversation with the rain.

"Rain oh rain, look at you... look at me. Together we cry.
Somewhat it feels so hard to ease the pain besides waiting for rainbow to come.
no it won't be long, i know. But it's just hard to be seen"

Here are my miserable thoughts tonight:
Don't write me thousand words of yell or regrets
. It is you dear that is NOT making sense here. It won't bother me at all. Hurt me with your words, dear, i won't resist. Kill me, I'm a dead body already. Think it over, dear, don't wasting up your time on me. I'm deaf, I'm blind and I'm even DEAD. I'm talking with the rain with its damn cold pour. I'm walking with freezing night and casual myth that nobody had ever felt. So dear, you don't even know me. Don't talk a shit like you DO, in fact that you DON'T.

any conclusion? no? good.
You're facing the real alien right now. Ask God!

I'm off...