Saturday, April 11, 2009

Woman in the mirror

Got something on my mind, that is WAY too much. I want to share just to get back my smile again. Several thoughts, thousand of mumbling ideas, crossing border, out of reach. No it wasn't me! No! It's just another ray of blushing sensitive area of mine. So i decided to express my not-so-in a-good mood feeling today. I'm trying to get so busy so busy but find it after all wasn't work that much. I Jumped around and switch up head position in one time just to refresh my dirty mind. AND dirty heart, also.

Gosh, it's just too far. Too far. My friends are here, quite ready for hearing session, even one of them trying to get off of me. Nothing matters, just release. Take it easy, take it easy. No it won't help! Asked them, what supposed to be done, what part which was wrong.. no answer. NO! I'm going home. This is not holiday that I've dream about. Let's get back to reality! and question about... In what dimension I've ever jump into? still don't know about that. All i know, respect and thank of all the things God had ever gave to you, which is always and always.

"No, no, no , don’t leave me
Don’t take my word, I’ve lost my head
I need my bed, I promise you my bird
When I awake all sweet and sound, without a care or woe
I’ll thank you dear. I’ll kiss you love, no matter friend or foe

I want to be the best I can
For me for you for everyman
But I can slip, I lose my place
This shamefulness is hard to face"
(birds and bee, Man)