Sunday, May 17, 2009

burp *ups!


Maybe i should learn how to write a story to the fullest as what I've made with my life. Realizing that many people has been wounded or even murdered by my words, maybe i should stop being a jerk by writing things in a sarcasm way. Then i decided to switch the direction upwards to something nice and warm. *Awch..


What things to share this time? Let me start with the words: eat-drink-burp-until puke is all I was doing yesterday. Gain weight. Perfectly shrink my clothes and pants OUT.

Here are my hell-o crazy routes yesterday:

Starbucks – hazelnuts caramel PLUS lolipops

I Scream for ice cream – Marbellious strawberry ice cream(extra tops: gummy-raisin)

Warung Lela – bowl of meat balls

Fashion Pasta – salmon pizza PLUS a spoon of Porodomo face Spaghetti

Stone Cafe – puke already


I can’t stand it anymore. But i love my Saturday! Thank(s) to sister Muti for taking me OUT of the house and rip off the food(s) together HAHA.

But then i got home and find my mom haven’t eat anything. IRONIC. She said she’s too busy to eat well. And then she asked me to accompany her having dinner together. Sure mom, i’m okay i was okay.


Burp. Puke.

I’m dying over food right now, this was not good.

Lazy Sunday now, but still having an exam for Monday. No time for play OR eat. Study hard! I can do it better. NO NO never quit!

Cheese bites, food KILL



d e s z y a said...

pizza nya kayak enaak bgt
ajak aku kesana dong? tp jgn puke ya? ahahaa

bosen nih aku sama masakan dirumah. maklum masakan sendiri, ngeri2 rasanya

dheaditya's said...

wihii pastinya chaa..
segera begitu kamu di bandung! kita ke fashion pastaa!

rinarina said...

foto2 makanannya oke dhe,, jadi food photographer aja dhe! hehe

dheaditya's said...

maunya sih gitu biii
biar makan terusssss!!