Sunday, May 31, 2009

one girl with one hope

So this post is dedicated to my little-mysterious-funny-friend, named again you not need to know. She has a wonderful life, wonderful friend, wonderful smile and wonderful dog. She passed her half-timeline with lots of laughter and crazy-wild kind of life that she could never imagine. Once she had this moment, she convinced herself not to change those beautiful scene she had before today.

So what was up today?
she is sick.

She told me not to sad or even cry for her life changing. She can never be like yesterday, she can never have the same day like she used to, but she wants me to made up the situation just like what she had. I cannot tell a lie. I believe that there's no white lies in this world. I want to make her happy, happier than today. But i just.. can't made up those situation she wanted to.

Pretending to be okay.

Showing fake-stupid smile.

Lying to her friend(s).

I guess this is enough. I can't stand it anymore. Girl, you know you're not well enough to stand alone. Share. Share. Share is all i want to do with you. Don't go faster or even slow down. Walk with me my dear, face the fact. If tomorrow never ever comes to you as what you wish, just enjoy this day as much as you can.

No need to hide your pain anymore. Because you know, i'll be here. Always...
If there's is no second chance, just believe in miracle.
God show me your love. Just give her one time, to be happy. One time to say sorry. One time to give people smile. One time to say thank to You.

I'm begging you please.


d e s z y a said...

you are such a nice friend, dhe..
i wish her too, then :)

viakong said...

As doctors, we know more about the human body now than at any point in our history. But the miracle of life itself; why people live and die, why they hurt and get hurt is still a mystery.

We want to know the reason, the secret, the answer at the back of the book… because the thought of our being all alone down here is just too much for us to bear.

But at the end of the day, the fact that we show up for each other, in spite our differences, no matter what we believe, is reason enough to keep believing.