Thursday, June 18, 2009

happy birthday!

You cannot see the walls that divide your hand
From his or hers or mine when you think you touch it.

You cannot see the walls because they are glass,
And glass is nothing until you try to pass it.

Beat on it if you like, but not too hard,
For glass will break you even while you break it.

Shout, and the sound will be broken and driven backwards,
For glass, though clear as water, is deaf as granite.

This fraudulent inhibition is cunning: wise men
Content themselves with breathing patterns on it.
(A. S. J. Tessimond)

so this is my twenty first coming. feels like hanging in the air.
approaching to highly effective situation made by the light.
i convinced myself to say.. i'm ready whatever will come, i'm ready

Being 21 this time, this year.. is a tough thing to face. Why? today i came home, and my mom asked me, “where have you been? Simple question, an everyday’s question. But my head is just flown away to some part of distinctive area so called my own room and think it over and over... Where i have been. What i have done. How this half of life goes on rapidly. I’m scared. I’m excited. Today. Not feeling special anymore. But i guess, i’m feeling GREAT! Happy birthday dhea!


thx to:
Aurea Vienna, for calling me out you make my day!
to my Mum, for hug and kisses and pray

thx for remembering my birthday
God bless you all.


Ariana Hayyulia Rasyid said...

akhirnya sudah mencapai 21 ya..
aku sih nanti 5 bulan lagi 22..

wah, pertanyaan kecil si mama bikin kmu serasa di "tampar" ya dhe?

kayanya semakin tua umur kita, semakin sadar juga kita sama kekurangan2 kita. ya ga sih?
ahaha, ngomen apa sih aku?

ya sudah lah, selamat ulang taun sekali lagi..
semoga di umur 21, segalanya dimudahkan.


sharin djamal said...

hey dhea beybeh
happy bdayyyy sweety
makan2 nih
kel estetika giliran
ditraktirnya kapan?
have a great bday
kiss kiss